Synchronicity in 2020 and a Magical New Decade

In the early 1920’s, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, a believer in the paranormal, introduced an idea he called synchronicity. He defined it as something that happens when two events are not causally connected, yet nevertheless share great meaning.

Synchronicity, much like the role of dreams, serves the purpose of expanding our consciousness, moving us away from ego and toward a more holistic mindset. In religious circles, it is often referred to as “grace.”

Golden Scarab Breakthrough

Jung told the story of how he once counseled a young woman he was unable to make progress with because she was overly rational. One day, she came to a session and revealed a dream she’d had the night before. In the dream, someone gave her a gift of an expensive piece of jewelry: a golden scarab.

At this point, Jung heard a tapping at the window. He turned and opened the window to find a beautiful gold-green colored beetle trying to get inside. Jung caught the colorful winged insect in his hand as it flew into the dark room. He turned and presented it to his patient. “Here is your golden scarab,” he said.

This uncanny coincidence enabled the young woman to break through her rational resistance and, as a result, she was able to obtain the results she was seeking from their sessions.

Roaring vs. Magical Twenties

Now, a century later, it’s a new decade of ‘20s. In the twentieth century, in Western culture, these years were called the Roaring Twenties. Much like today, they were largely characterized by overindulgence and narcissism, neither of which is conducive to growth.

It is my hope that in this twenty-first century, the new decade will come to be known as the “magical twenties” and that it will extend to the whole world. Magic derived from growth that extends beyond mere economic prosperity. Magic that is consciousness-expanding and helps us find not lose our true selves.

May we all be fortunate enough to experience synchronistic events to enlighten and encourage us on our personal and collective journeys toward wholeness and peace.

Happy New Year!



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