Rachael’s Return Wins a Readers’ Favorite and a 5-Star Review

  Readers’ Favorite has recognized Rachael’s Return with the Honorable Mention Award in the Fiction – Visionary category! The 2020 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest featured thousands of contestants from over a dozen countries, ranging from new independent authors to NYT best-sellers and celebrities. Rachael’s Return was also given the prestigious 5-star rating by…

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Synchronicity in 2020 and a Magical New Decade

Golden Scarab Beetle symbolizing synchronicity

In the early 1920’s, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, a believer in the paranormal, introduced an idea he called synchronicity. He defined it as something that happens when two events are not causally connected, yet nevertheless share great meaning. Synchronicity, much like the role of dreams, serves the purpose of expanding our consciousness, moving us away from…

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