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Janet Rebhan

Do you believe in...


the afterlife?


guardian angels?

Coming May 5, 2020

About Rachael’s Return

After a woman unknowingly aborts a much-wanted baby girl during a routine hysterectomy, her baby’s soul seeks rebirth via the nearest “unclaimed” pregnant woman—prompting the intervention of two otherworldly guides who set out to bring the mother-daughter soulmates together via alternative means.

About the Author

Janet Rebhan is the author of the novels Finding Tranquility Base (2012) and Rachael’s Return (2020). Born in West Texas, she was sixteen when her family moved to the suburbs of Los Angeles. There, she graduated from Chatsworth High School before pursuing an acting and modeling career for a number of years, working primarily in commercials and print advertising.


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“A well-crafted novel that engagingly looks at what it takes to find happiness in a world that’s falling apart.”

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Hello everyone! Just a quick note to let you know I have a whole new website and an exciting new novel! Those of you who spend time with me on social media already know I also have had an entirely new hair color for awhile now, so I’ve been due for an update (ahem). However,…

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