Rachael’s Return

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Published by: She Writes Press
Release Date: June 16, 2020
Pages: 280
ISBN13: 978-1631528682



In present-day Los Angeles, Caroline Martin has everything but the thing her soul craves most: a daughter. When she undergoes what is supposed to be a routine hysterectomy, she unwittingly aborts the little girl she’s always longed for, leaving the unborn baby’s soul in limbo.

Sharing a hospital room with Caroline is a pregnant woman who’s just been shot by her boyfriend. Her unborn child is barely hanging on—and the soul of Caroline’s hovering baby cannot resist the overwhelming urge to rebirth via this unclaimed fetus.

In the aftermath of these events, two engaging heavenly guides, working together through sensitive humans, struggle to find an alternate way to help Caroline and her would-be daughter forge the link that was always meant to be between them—before the child’s brutal father makes good on his vow to steal the girl and disappear with her forever.

By turns comic and tragic, Rachael’s Return explores the concept of soulmates, the afterlife, reincarnation, and relationships that never die, even as it offers readers a glimpse of the mysteries that exist within the ordinary and challenges assumptions about the true nature of reality.


2020 International Book Awards Winner in Fiction: Visionary
2020 Readers' Favorite Book Awards Honorable Mention in Fiction: Visionary

“Stunning and seamless, Rachel’s Return guarantees a riveting read. Eyeing the universe with provocative guides, Janet Rebhan develops characters powerful beyond the last page. This suspenseful and beautifully written novel hits the mark at every twist and turn.”
- Julie Maloney, award-winning author of A Matter of Chance

"Combining elements of reality with the supernatural, Rachael's Return takes the reader on an intricately plotted and heart-stopping journey of suspense even as it explores the larger themes of immortality and the inscrutable nature of both death and rebirth."
- Barbara Taylor Sissel, bestselling author of What Lies Below & Tell No One

"In this fascinating ethereal stunner, Rebhan explores unique concepts: Are soulmates real? Is there an afterlife? Do we reincarnate? On this wild emotional ride, readers will question the bonds that define us. A book with heart."
- Rea Frey, author of Until I Find You

"Rebhan skillfully braids several plotlines into a coherent fabric. An artful emotional drama..."
- Kirkus Reviews 

"...reads like a cross between The Alchemist and the parables of Jesus... guaranteed to be a different book from what you have read lately."
Readers' Favorite, FIVE STAR review


She noticed the colors enter the room first, the ones every pregnant woman has in her aura—purple, blue, pink, and green—only they weren’t as bright and clear as Caroline’s had been. These were muted and outlined in dark gray, almost black. She noted immediately another, smaller aura merging with the larger one and knew a soul had already claimed the birth mother. And then she saw him. It’s not that souls had a gender, but they usually gave off masculine or feminine energies based on what they identified with most. This aura had a heavy and dark feeling about him and sent forth negative and fearful vibrations possibly indicating a painful or violent death. She sensed he hadn’t been there long; he had probably just left his other incarnation somewhere else in the hospital and claimed the first route to rebirth he could find.