Pumpkin is the New Orange

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Photo of Halloween Jack-o'-Lanterns

It’s that time of year again and I am seeing pumpkin tones everywhere from the color of the leaves on the trees to the candy corns and the jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween. This week, I thought I’d share some pretty pictures to help set the mood for the season. My daughter Jennifer sent me this picture of some pumpkins she and her friends recently carved. As you can see, they are very creative.

Sailor the Husky is growing up fast. My daughter Natalie sent me this photo. He is a very stylish little guy — or I should say BIG guy. He even has his own Instagram account now at sailorthehusky. What a face…

Photo of Sailor the Husky

I recently purchased some pumpkin colored roses at the grocery store that blossomed overnight so nicely I had to take a photo. And even though they didn’t have the fragrance of some roses, they looked beautiful on my mantle. This photo was taken against a large mirror that hangs above my fireplace so the background is actually a reflection and there are only half as many roses as you see in this photograph. I am so enjoying playing with my new camera.

Photo of pumpkin colored roses

Jennifer’s “baby” is also getting bigger, but you really can’t tell because even fully grown, she’ll still just be a little “Coco” puff… also stylishly dressed and posing next to a jack-o’-lantern Jen carved and painted white. Coco is wearing a signature Ryder Smith scarf, one of Jen’s own designs.

Photo of Coco the puppy

And finally, I took this picture of a beautiful display of Himalayan crystal salt lamps on a recent visit to the Hummingbird and Honey Bee store in Thousand Oaks.

Photo of orange light display

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween!!

Oh! … I left out someone very special who also wears the color pumpkin every day of the year. (So sorry, Tatum.) I asked him if he wanted a bandana too and he looked at me as if to say that his own personal style was so innate, he didn’t need to accessorize. Bandanas, he says with his eyes, are only for the young pups. 😉

Photo of cat Tatum

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