Come on in… I’m OPEN!

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"Open" Sign, Photo by Janet Rebhan

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I am now officially “OPEN” for business and open for sharing. My website is still undergoing a few changes, so if you notice it looks different every time you visit, that’s why. I intend to make this the one place for everything I write about and I have a lot of interests, so thereโ€™s no telling where this will take us. It will just be a big adventure.

For those of you who followed my other blog, I’ll still post inspirational subject matter here, but I’ll also be posting about the creative writing process as well. Other times I may just post a picture of my cat Tatum who is so popular now he should probably have his own Wikipedia page. Shhhh… Tatum still thinks HE’s the owner and I’M the pet. ๐Ÿ™‚

"Tatum" Cat Photo by Janet Rebhan

“It’s been a long day. First I had to sit out in the courtyard by the fountain and soak up some rays. Then I had to go watch that lizard till he climbed too far up the garden wall. Then I had to eat — twice. And later I’m probably going to have to play model again for the budding photographer I live with. I think I almost prefer it when she reads those silly stories she writes to me. SIGH. It’s a tough job being a muse and all, but some furry friend’s gotta do it.”

I recently bought myself a better camera with some birthday money (upgraded from a regular digital to a DSLR no less — hubba hubba), so I can indulge my lifelong interest in photography. That’s lifelong interest mind you, not lifelong experience. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like to think I have a good eye, but I’m still learning the technical side of things. I’m going to attempt to illustrate most if not all of my own blog posts. We’ll see how it goes anyway.

I hope you will sign up via email or RSS feed so you never miss a post. You can also join me on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Instagram. So stay tuned for more words and more pics, more inspiration and hopefully a little amusement as well. ~JR

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