A Coco, a Sailor, and a Couple of Vines

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Today, I thought I’d introduce you to a couple of new additions to my family. Both of my daughters just got new puppies. Jennifer adopted baby Coco of the Mi Ki breed. Yes, that’s Coco after the designer, not the featherweight orbs of sweet morning grains usually eaten in a bowl with milk. And Natalie adopted Sailor, a fuzzy lovable Husky.

Mi Ki and Husky pups

As you can see, Sailor is waaay bigger than the little puff of delight that is Coco, and he thinks she is one of his toys — or maybe he thinks she really is a chocolate-flavored breakfast cereal, I can’t be sure — because he is forever trying to bite her. Playfully of course. Coco is learning how to stand up for herself when Sailor nips at her, but mostly she just runs when she sees him coming. Here’s a video Jennifer took of their first encounter:

Speaking of short videos, I was recently introduced to Vine. For those of you who may not know, Vine is a relatively new app by the Twitter people that lets you create mini videos with your mobile phone, and it’s a lot harder than it looks to make a good one. At least for me anyway. I was obsessed with it the first time I tried it — spending an entire evening and a whole pad of white notebook paper creating this six-second shaky-short about the making of my debut novel. (You have to click in the upper left corner to enable the sound.)

Piece of cake, right? Umm… no. As they say, writing is re-writing. And Vine making is, well… let’s just say I’ll probably be sticking with still photography for the time being to illustrate most of my blog posts. Something tells me I’m not going to be nominated for a Fine Vine Video Award this year.

Anyway, later in the evening after playing with the new puppies, my cat Tatum was more than a little insecure about the whole thing. Still, he got up early with me the next morning at the crack of dawn to keep me company as I sipped my coffee and got some journal writing in before the sun came up. Here’s a Vine of Tatum early a.m. a few months back. (You’ll need to turn your volume up high to get the most out of this one :-))

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